Cow Calf Acceptance and Easy Boss E

Since the domestication of cattle there has exisited the problem with Dams accepting new calves, or orphan calves to a new Mother, or a substitute calf to a Mother who had lost her own soon after birth.
Many hours of restraining an aggressive Cow kicking at the hungry calf, many hours of trying to disguise the scent of an orphan calf desperate to suckle….these situations have tested Animal Husbandry over the many centuries humankind has cared for cattle.
However the answer is here, the simple solution to the decades old question has finally been answered in the form of Easy Boss E!
Easy Boss E is a tubular stainless steel oral device that uses the cow’s natural desire to chew, and this in turn distracts the animal so the calf can feed without the dramas.
Please read the testimonials and watch our video. With historic footage of Dr Don Finlay trialing the EBE with a very angry Cow in Australia, and more modern times with Mr. David Morrison of Northern Ireland having a substitute calf have a top up feed from a heavily producing cow, all using the Easy Boss E method.
Easy boss E changing the way people manage cattle with the innovative technique of DISTRACTION CATTLE HANDLING.