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Research into Pain Control and Prevention
Publication in Canadian Verterinary Journal: Aitken BL, Stookey JM, Noble S, Watts J, Finlay D. The effects of an oral distraction on cattle during a painful procedure. Can Vet J. 2013 Jun;54(6):588-90. PMID: 24155450; PMCID: PMC3659455.
YouTube video: What beef producers need to know about pain control and prevention  Here we see Dr Eugene Janzen (University of Calgary Faculty link) and Dr Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada link) and others discuss  the benefits of pain control and prevention strategies.  The Easy Boss E device can be used to delivery oral pain control medications.
  • University of Minnesota

Usually the most challenging part of the procedure is the block. Cows do not like needles. Options include a tail jack, towel over the face, or  sedation. Or all 3. The EasyBossE is another humane restraint device that may help.  (From Large Animal Surgery – Supplemental Notes: How to – Standing GI Surgery under Position/preparation)

  • Roma Veterinary Clinic, Queensland, Australia

“Hi Don.  Can I please order five Easybosse devices?  I think they are excellent and we use them all the time.  Have not sedated a best since getting one and have sold them to lost of clients for cutting mickeys and freeze-branding bulls.”  Cheers, Dr. Tom Kirby, Roma Veterinary Clinic.  https://www.romavetclinic.com.au/

  • Oak Lane Farms of Virden, Manitoba, Canada

“In the calving season of 2019 one of my cows delivered and immediately had a fear/aggression response to her newborn.  This necessitated me isolating the calf to a heated shed and administering colostrum.  She smashed a yard gate that evening.  Next day I took her to my maternity/calving pen and put her in the head gate.  Brought her calf to her and she was trying to rip the head gate off the wall.   The Distraction Device was put into her mouth and she began to vigorously chew on it.  Her calf was able to start suckling!  Saved calf.  Weaned calf.  Thanks Don at Easy Boss E!  That thing works!  Full Stop.”

  • Tim Clune of Pinjarra, Australia

“My opinion is that the return on investment for Easy Boss E is very good.  Cost is good value, multiple uses, simple.  The clincher is the ongoing health benefits to the cow.  A simple process at the beginning of lactation to screen and treat ketosis.  Multiplier Effect.”

  • Darren Merrit of Elgin, Western Australia.  Darren has a 450 cow dairy.

“Here at Elgin Dairy our operation has been using Easy Boss E oral device and the Easy Boss E 70ml gun syringe since December 2019.  We use it primarily to simply and single-handedly administer propylene glycol in the treatment of high producing cows at risk of ketosis-fatty liver condition.  We recommend Easy Boss E.”   Signed Darren Merrit. Elgin, WA.

I use it in young donors that tend to bounce around during OPU (Ovum Pick Up).

We have had a couple that wanted to flop, lay down, flip upside down, where we had to remove the probe and resituate them.  The first one was a 7cst Angus heifer that fought the head chute and eventually laid down.  We put the “pacifier” (Easy Boss E) in her mouth and all we could hear was her chewing and slurping on it.  She stood like a tree stump after that and we successfully collected her.

We also had a young Holstein donor that wanted to do the same thing.  This thing really works and I don’t like being without it.  By no means do we use it on all donors, but in combination with Acepromazine, it has been a huge help.  I’d even posit that is potentially could prevent complications of OPU like adhesions and bleeding just by enabling an easier OPU.

Bill  Croushore  (Dr. Croushore is member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Bovine Practitioners and American Embryo Transfer Association and International Embryo Transfer Society.  He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and West Virginia.)

  • This family had one animal whose fear and head movements gave trouble getting an ear tag in safely.  They used the Easy Boss E oral distraction device to calm her and get the tag in without further risk.  🙂


  • From the UK: With the use of the Easybosse device, this cow quietly accepts a calf that is not hers and lets it feed.  Less stress for calf, cow and owner!

Testimonial from Grayson Ross Brandon Manitoba, Canada, Owner of Mosside Shorthorns: “Used EBE today processing cattle before turnout to pasture. Prebreeding vaccinating cows and giving mineral boluses. EBE on one side of the mouth, bolus gun on other side of mouth. Worked great to get them chewing and swallowing the boluses without fighting them.”
These are the outcomes we are getting from producers who are actively using EASY BOSS E, and we are constantly finding more uses weekly from very happy Farmers!”  https://www.facebook.com/MossideShorthorns/

Testimonial from Hank and Maria Franken, from Rivers, Manitoba, Canada, producers of Purebred Black Angus: “We used EasyBossE on a heifer that wouldn’t let her calf drink. What would normally take hours of repeated attempts only took minutes with the heifer allowing the calf to drink without kicking once EasyBossE was removed. We are very pleased with the results and feel confident to recommend to others. It’s definitely a peace of mind tool to have on the farm.”

Dr Craig Whalley, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada:  We used the Easy Boss E this fall to calm some very upset cows that were in the chute. We were all very impressed how they immediately became calm and relaxed. Calving will start the middle of March so I’m sure we will be using it again then. I did notice your ad for a show in Manitoba. Best wishes for 2019 and keep in touch.  Regards, Craig

Mervyn Williams, Coolup, Western Australia:  Hi Don.  We used the Easybosse E for the first time on Monday.  What a difference it made to the state of mind of the flighty heifers!!  Once chewing on the stick they were completely relaxed and we were able to complete all the work necessary with no stress for the user or the recipient.  My Son in Law said “we had paid for it with this first use”.  The rest is a bonus.  Best regards, Mervyn Williams, Coolup, Western Australia

Dr Anne Kernaleguen and Staff, Stoughton Veterinary Services at Stoughton Saskatchewan, Canada:  Yes, we (vets and techs) have used it several times in clinic. It has been very helpful for tagging, bulls that won’t settle for semen testing, lancing abcesses, and for administering an IV treatment in the jugular vein.  https://www.stoughtonvet.ca/about.html