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Easy Boss E (EBE) is an ingenuitive oral distraction device developed for safe cattle handling that incorporates the reflexive and natural chewing behavior of cattle to distract the animal. Compared to standard cattle handling methods, the EBE allows for a more humane approach to cattle handling leading to improved welfare for both animal and handler alike. When used, EBE immediately calms cattle and prevents kicking and other defensive behaviors. In particular, eye, ear, mouth and facial procedures are safer and performed more quickly in comparison to traditional cattle handling methods.


Made of medical grade stainless steel and a vinyl grip handle, EBE is light and ergonomic. It is recognized for its value in cattle handling and animal welfare across the world. Read the research behind EBE in the Canadian Veterinary Journal, “The Impact of an Oral Distraction During a Painful Procedure” (June 2013/Pub Medica).

The Easy Boss E is an oral distraction tool that can reduce fear and stress in your animal when being treated, groomed, tagged etc, and increases safety for both the animal and the stockman.  It stimulates the animal’s chewing behavior and calms the animal considerably so they are much more docile in the head gate.   Oral medicine (liquid) can also be delivered to cattle using the Easy Boss E.  Check out the videos below and this one detailing some of the many uses of the device.1

An Introduction to the Easy Bosse E Oral Distraction Device:

Proper Use of EBE: Here is a demonstration of the proper easybosse insertion and useful tips for operator and animal safety, on our Safety page.

Stockman Veterinarian Testimonial and Explanation:

Dr. James Comrie discusses his experience with the Easy Bosse E device:

Interview with Registered Veterinary Technician Kathy Soltys

Kathy Soltys of Minnedosa Veterinary Services in Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada discusses her experiences with the Easy Boss E device and cattle handling and treatment:

Show Stock Outfitter Testimonial:

Below is a video of some testimony from a first time user regarding some of the benefits to using the Easy Boss E:

More Videos:

Please see our News and Videos page and the Photo Gallery page for more images, information and demonstrations.

  1. Distraction cannot be guaranteed. The Easy Boss E is a remarkable device for modifying animal behaviour. No device or medicine is ever 100% effective.